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In Search for Hope

22. March 2020

In Search for Hope

22. March 2020 Katharina
A Martyr, Paul Delaroche, around 1853,
Hermitage, St. Petersburg

A warm welcome to you. Sometimes, they appear. Moments, when we feel: I cannot do this anymore.

Hope and love help us to stand upright. However, what happens, when they slowly disappear? Then, we lay down, tell us the two paintings from today.


In the midst of the blue water, she lies. The woman in the painting by Paul Delaroche. Her face is illuminated. As if an invisible headlight is diected towards her.

She looks peaceful. But her knotted hands and the punt behind her tell us more. She does not want to swim or take the punt. She only wants to be carried away by the light waves.

Blue World

When heaven and earth unite, all becomes blue. With her dress, the woman in the photography by Brooke Shaden belongs to this blue world.

Photography, Brooke Shaden

Waves also wash around her. But she lies in the sand, she is not carried away and her arms are open. At any time, she could get up and return to the beach, return to life.


In the background of Paul Delaroche’s painting we see them – two gesticulating figures. They express despair and sadness. Because the woman will remain in the water.

However, it might be different with Brooke Shaden’s woman. With her closed eyes, she not only collects the sound of the waves around her. But maybe also new hope, new love.

I lay myself down. But not because I want to be carried away. Maybe I wish to be held for a moment. And I wish to find them again – hope and love.

If you want to see further photographs by Brooke Shaden, visit her webseite.


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